There are destinations that have a type of beauty that sparks a near universal thirst for adventure. The Amalfi Coast is one of those places. Easily one of Italy’s most famed destinations, the 31-mile

A city trip to Barcelona without eating tapas is simply unimaginable. The amount of tapas restaurants in the city is huge, but the quality is not always good. Therefore, we have selected

Where should you go right now to experience the ultimate winter feeling? Experience the total package, so not only by hitting the slopes, but also enjoying the charm of a

What a great week! We were allowed to stay at the beautiful Grand Hotel & Resort Mykonos. Although we could spend all of our days easily on the beautiful beach and


With an average of 25-30 degrees, white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, stunning culture and fantastic food there is no one who can ignore Asia. Whether you are looking for the

Always nice weather, bright blue water, white beaches and lots of nice hotspots. With the cold weather in the Netherlands we should all go to this beautiful island with sun,

It’s been a while since we visited the beautiful and cool Miami, but we wanted to share all of our best pictures with you to inspire you for your next trip. Miami gives

The slogan ‘One Happy Island’ says it all. Aruba is known for its warm and friendly people. People are even one of the most common reasons why visitors return again